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Moreton Bay has a long and rich history - both geological and human. 

Geological history

Moreton Bay has only existed in the form that we see it for 6500 years. Its geological history is complicated and it has been emptied and refilled continually over the last 2 million years with the melting and freezing of the Polar Ice Caps.

Human history

It has been found through archaeological excavations that ancestors of the present Dandrubin-Gorenpul people were living in a part of Moreton Bay for more than 20,000 years. The Bay has provided food, spiritual associations, resources and recreation for many, many generations.

Many of the traditional Aboriginal social boundaries of the Moreton Bay region were disrupted by European settlement. Today there are many named groups of Aboriginal people who are connected to the region.

Human settlement accelerated with John Oxley's surveying expedition in 1823 and the first English penal colony establishment in 1824.

There has been many human activities and uses of the Bay since then including coral and sand mining, fishing, boating and recreation. Some activities have and continue to impact upon its wildlife and habitats. Read about the threats faced by Moreton Bay and its wildlife here.

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