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Monitoring pollution

Monitoring metal exposure in sea turtles is a useful tool for measuring metal pollution in marine systems. Although there are many studies on metal exposure in sea turtles globally, very few studies have been conducted in Australia and there is no information about metal exposure in sea turtles from high rainfall events.

With support from the Lifeline for Moreton Bay Project, The University of Queensland will be undertaking a study to find out if flood events influence metal concentrations in green sea turtles in Moreton Bay.

This study will be the first to determine whether major rainfall events that occurred in southeast Queensland were associated with increased metal exposure in green sea turtles in Moreton Bay and will provide important information about metal exposure trends in this species in the Bay area.

Performing a necropsy on a green turtle that was found dead in Moreton Bay.

Taking tissue samples from the turtle to analyse the metal content.


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