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Pollution and water quality

Pollutants from urban and rural sources enter our waterways and are flushed into Moreton Bay, significantly impacting the water quality and health of the Bay. More pollutants in the Bay can cause increased turbidity, nutrients and algal blooms. This may result in a loss of seagrass – a primary food source for the Bay’s threatened dugongs and turtles. Major rainfall events like those in 2009 and 2011 can wash tonnes of sediment, contaminants and debris into the Bay resulting in significant and immediate declines in water quality.

Healthy Waterways monitor water quality and ecosystem health of Moreton Bay and recommend that catchments are prepared for rainfall events by managing erosion, stabilising creek channels, rehabilitating riparian (or riverbank) areas, investing in good agricultural practices and sustainably managing urban water. Find out more about water quality at

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