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Rocky Reefs

Rocky reefs are “island habitats” surrounded by large areas of sand. These habitats are biological hot spots and provide a home for a huge variety of algae and animals such as sponges, sea urchins, limpets, sea squirts, lobsters and fishes.

As well as providing homes for many animals, rocky shores are also an important nursery and feeding area for many fish and crustacean species. Commercially important fish, such as blackfish, yellowfin bream, snapper, tarwhine, trevally, yellowtail and sampson fish, and the critically endangered Grey Nurse shark all call the rocky reefs of Moreton Bay Marine Park home.

Flat rock, Point Look Out, Shag rock and Henderson rock are just a few of Moreton Bay’s exceptional rocky reefs.


Removing keystone species from these reefs, fishing, dredging, smothering by sand, anchor damage and human induced climate change are all threats to these wondrous places.


  • Try and use natural cleaning products in your home (eg bi-carb soda and vinegar) to reduce nutrients and chemicals going into the bay.
  • Take care when anchoring your boat.

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