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The Project

The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) for many years now has worked to protect Moreton Bay and its precious marine life. The Bay's proximity to a major metropolitan area means it has long been subject to the increasing pressures of human activity - a booming population, pollution, coastal development, boating and fishing.

The disastrous Brisbane floods of January 2011 - the state’s worst inundation in 37 years - washed thousands of tonnes of sediment, contaminants and debris into Moreton Bay heavily impacting the fragile marine environment and destroying major food sources for marine life, such as sea grasses. 

With the generous support of Newman’s Own Foundation, AMCS formed a new alliance of not for profit organisations including Healthy Waterways, Reef Check Australia, Wild Mob and the University of Queensland with a simple goal – to throw a lifeline to Moreton Bay and its unique marine wildlife.

The Project aims to have lasting outcomes for Moreton Bay's marine wildlife through:

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