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Moreton Bay Marine Park is home to over a thousand species of fish, six of the world’s seven sea turtle species, three species of dolphin and the gentle and shy dugong. It also contains a myriad of shark and ray species, thousands of mollusc species and an array of other invertebrate wildlife.

Whimbrels migrate from their breeding grounds in Siberia to the shores of Moreton Bay to feed.Moreton Bay Marine Park is recognised internationally by the Ramsar Convention for its vitally important role as a feeding and roosting site for migratory and resident shore birds.

Many migratory waders, some no larger than a tennis ball, travel from as far as Siberia and other places in the Northern Hemisphere to feed on the critters that live in Moreton Bay’s extensive mudflats.

Amazingly, Moreton Bay Marine Park is the only place in the world where significant populations of dugongs and sea turtles can still be found close to a major metropolitan centre. The city of Brisbane is incredibly privileged to have this jewel at its doorstep.

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